Light-and-Shadow Play : Total Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses are the natural phenomenon that occurs in sky and was recorded by almost all civilizations which left their mark on Earth.  Some associated eclipses for demons invading the earth (in all religions) or evil happening to humans, others really did scientific observation which led to eradicate (?) the former beliefs.  The saga between ‘two’ still continues even today!  We need both faces of stories to create awareness among ‘individuals (fellow people who still believe occurrence of eclipses are grim)’ to un-educated them with their un-questionable and superstition beliefs.  Except making people to fear (or fear of GoD) and practicing ‘fruitless observances’ no other ‘constructive development’ has been recorded or reported (researched)  from these attitudes.  And the ‘_____ Culture (Samskruti)’ ties hands (thinking process) of ‘most of them’ to have an open-discussion on these thoughts.   Today, ‘fear’ is the one-and-only synonym associated with the former word I guess?  And there are numerous ‘organizations’ all around us growing like mushroom to imprint ‘fear’ factor to the people without religion, cast, race, country, etc.,(?) and claims to be the stake holder of ‘Samskruti’.

It is time for all of us, not to go against to ‘common people beliefs’ rather un-educate them about their crude beliefs by creating awareness about what are eclipses, what is actually happening in the sky, how others thought about the eclipses, what science we can learn from eclipses, why they are not bad or evil and finally make ‘them’selves to realize the beauty of nature becoming one among in it (nature) and do what they love to do rather what they do or practice out-of ‘fear’ spread by immature, self proclaimed stake holder of ‘almighty’ and ‘samskruti’.  Let’s not fight against with self proclaimed ‘______’ , let’s fight against to their thinking, their nature of dictating twisted ‘culture’ on people, their nature of God, their nature of behaving godly person, their nature of business and the ‘media’ who support them.  Let us not restrict ‘this’ to eclipse events, let us make this as a ‘habit of humanity’ to embrace the nature in every situations/events/celebration(etc.,).

When it comes to science, no defined boundaries as such to describe it!  Each individual will have ample time to imagine (think) everything about the nature, experiment on it, predict on it, if it works move-on with it, until it is proved false! This is how science progress! And the great minds of our past have contemplated this.  [Here], nothing is absolute and nothing is obsolete (!?).   The spirit of questioning ‘everything’ is the prime signature and beauty of science as said by Prof. H. Narasimhaiah, physicist, educationist from Karnataka, India.  Let us plunge the pseudo-scientific approach to all our understanding and move in the path which makes science as our way of life.

Eclipses are light-and-shadow play of nature showcased on an astronomical stage by wonderers (planets) (in our solar system).  The second full moon of 2018 which happens on January 31st is an eclipsed Moon (Total Lunar Eclipse).  This is a ‘delicious’ event for nature lovers to observe, to create awareness (not to practice superstitious beliefs/ eclipse myths) among public, to do science and to lead life in harmony with nature by celebrating it.  This eclipse is also portrayed as “Super-Blue-Red Eclipse Moon“.  Like – ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ phrase in English, this lunar eclipse claim to be a rare event  culminating with all  ‘flavoured color’ of Moon (?).  Why the Moon on Jan 31st, 2018 is called Super-Blue Moon and many other resources can be found in this Eclipse portal of IIA, Bangalore.   The lunar eclipse is visible in most part of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Let us all rejoice in the eclipse!

Eclipse Handbook of January 31, 2018 – A Lunar Eclipse How-To for Everyone
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Prepared by : Prajwal Shastri, IIA, Bangalore; Ajay Talwar, Amateur Astronomers, Delhi; Juny K Wilfred, ICTS, Bangalore

Lunar Eclipse at Bangalore:

Image Credit:

Timings for Bangalore (IST):
Date: 31-01-2018

Rise  = 06:46
Set    = 18:20

Rise  = 18:15
Set    = 06:19 (on 01.02.2018)

Total Lunar Eclipse:

Partial Phase begins (P1)   = 16:21:15 (Not Visible)
First Contact (U1)                = 17:18:27 (Not Visible)
Second Contact (U2)           = 18:21:27 (Visible)
Third Contact (U3)              = 19:37:51 (Visible)
Fourth Contact (U4)            = 20:41:11 (Visible)
Eclipse Ends (P4)                 = 21:38:27 (Visible)

Eclipse Duration

Penumbral    = 05h 17m 44s
Umbral          = 03h 22m 44s
Totality          = 01h 16m 04s

Eclipse Sketch


Viswa Keerthy S