Place 6:Shivanasamudra

ShivanasamudraShivanasamudra is Small Island created by river Cavery at Mandya district.  It is located at a distance of 120km from Bangalore and 85km from Mysore.  The river Caveri which flows here bisects the village and creates twin waterfalls known as Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.  Both the waterfalls are separated by a distance of six kilometers.  The beauty of these falls during the monsoon season is unexplainable.  The sight of water falling from a height of 98m is incredible.  The place also houses old temple such as Ranganatha Temple which has rich history in it, and visited by many people.  The River Shimsa which originates at Devarayanadurga joins Cavery at this place.  Asia’s first hydro electric power station was constructed here.  It was called “Shimsa Hydro Eclectric Power Station”.  Public access for this power station was stopped long back.

Gaganachukki can be viewed from two spots, one is from Shivanasamudra and the other is from Darga (Hazarath Mardane Gaib) point.  Best view is from Shivanasamudra place.  Even Darga spot is also good.  All my photos of Gaganachukki were taken from Darga spot. Bharachukki is just 2km from Darga.  Monsoon season is the best season to enjoy the beauty of twin falls.  Nevertheless people come all through the year to see and enjoy the beauty of falls.  If you are visiting Mysore, Shivanasamudra is a must visit place for you.  I don’t have many words to admire the beauty of falls; instead I can show you these pics.

All photos are taken on August 05, 2013.

Gaganachukki Falls


Caveri River

Gaganachukki Falls

Gaganachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

How to go:
By Road:

Shivanasamudra is well connected by road.
From Bangalore: Bangalore- Maddur- Malavalli Road- Shivanasamudra.
From Mysore:Mysore- Maddur- Malavalli Road- Shivanasamudra.
You can also go in alternative roads.
By Train:
Nearest railway station is Maddur.  Frequent trains are available from Mysore as well as from Bangalore.

Good hotels can be found at Malvalli and Maddur.
Juice, chats, ice creams, tender coconut etc., can be found near the falls.

When to go:
Throughout the year.
Monsoon season is the best season to visit this place

-Viswa Keerthy S


Place 5: Nandhi Hills

IMG_0627This place is one of the hotspot for people who love nature, calmness, joy, and history.  And it is also one of the most popular sightseeing for Bangaorians.  Nadhi Hills is situated in Chikkaballapur district, which is at a distance of 60km from Bangalore.  The hill is popularly called as Nandidurga or Nandi Giridhama.  The height of the hill is around 1479m above sea level.  History says, during the Chola’s time it was called as “Ananda Hill” (Hill of Happiness).  Even now this phrase is true and you will definitely fall in love for its calmness and pleasant nature when you visit.  Hence most people say that this place is heaven for nature lovers.  The hill includes a Summer Palace built by Tippu Sulthan, Nehru Guest House, Sri Yoga Nandishwara Temple, source point Arkavathi River and a very famous Tippu Drop.  The architecture of Tippu’s summer palace resembles the style of Dariya Dowlath which is located at Srirangapattana.  Inside visit of this palace is closed for public, it can only be seen from outside.  It looks very elegant in its construction.

IMG_0454IMG_0466After taking a quick walk inside the giridhama you will reach Sri Yoga Nadhishwara temple, a temple dedicated to lord shiva.  It looks very old and has rich history in it.  Beside the temple there is an extended sky walk to see the surroundings from the top.  The view from here is incredible.  The chains of surrounding mountains, Skandagiri Hill looks very beautiful from this point.  After this, you should walk little far on rocks to reach the famous point called Tippu’s Drop.  It’s a steep cliff on top of the hill, and the view from here looks very scary and dangerous.  It was said that, during Tippu’s rule, prisoners were pushed to death from this point.  Hence the place was called Tippu’s Drop.  The source point of river Arkavathi can be seen beside this drop.  This river flows across the Bangalore and joins the river Cavery at Sangama, Kanakapura.  There is a beautiful dam constructed to this river near Manchenbelle which is yet another picturesque location to visit.  At last you will find Nehru Guest House, which was constructed during the British Period.  Rooms are available for tourist at this guest house. There is also a Gandhi House, where Gandhiji himself stayed here during his visit to Bangalore, but this guest house is only for dignitaries.


IMG_0493IMG_0514IMG_0523IMG_0569IMG_0573IMG_0637The houses constructed between the trees by using bamboos are gorgeous.  In case if you pack your food, this junction will become a perfect place for your eating point.  It is worth spending time here which makes us feel very calm and pleasant.  This place becomes heaven if you visit during morning times.  Sun rise behind the cloud looks amazing.  As I said, this is the most popular one day sightseeing place in Bangalore, lot of people visit every year for its beauty, charming nature, pleasant climate and its rich history.  This place certainly gives you a pleasant and a refreshing feeling when you visit.

How to go:

By Road: Bangalore- Hebbal Fly Over- Yelahanka- Doddaballapur- D Cross- (Taka right turn @ this circle)- follow this road until you hit a notice board which says “Nandhi Hills 0km”.

You can also go from Bangalore- Devanahalli- Chikkaballapur- Nandhi Hills.


On top there is a hotel called “Mayura” from KSTDC.  And other shops can be found.

When to go:

All through the year.

-Viswa Keerthy S

Place 4:Makali Durga

indian railwayMakali Durga is a fort hill which is 60km from Bangalore.  The place is located in the state high way of Bangalore-Gauribidanur and it is just 10km from Doddaballapur.  The height of the hill is around 1350mts above sea level.  As I said it’s a fort hill, on top you will find the wreckages of the fort, built by Tippu Sulthan.  At the base of the hill, there is a temple of lord Shiva and Nandi.  The railway line which passes near the hill ads up to the beauty of Makali Durga.  There is a small railway station near the hill, which makes easy accessible to Makali Durga through trains.  Unlike the other places for example Savandurga, this place is isolated from common people.  That is, you hardly find peoples here.  No shops, no hotels, no people around makes you still more exciting.

This place is a paradise for trekkers.  It’s a moderately difficult trekking place.  The hill is covered with small thorny shrubs, trees and rocks.  Route markings for climbing the hill are not so good.  Better to search our own route and explore the place.  This makes trekking really exciting and challenging.  If you are a first time visitor it is advised to take at least one person with you who has seen this place earlier.  There is high degree of chance that you may go in a wrong way and end up in worst situation.  As I said there are no shops, hotels around this place, it is good to pack your food.  Most importantly you must take plenty of water.  Remember you don’t get water at this place.  And make sure to drink less water during trekking.  While climbing, the sight from top of the hill is magnificent.  The view of Gundumgere Lake is really an awesome experience.  And the view of the passage of trains and goods carriages through the curved paths will make you still more exciting.  On top of the hill there is a fort built by Tippu Sulthan.  It is almost at its last stage of destruction, and it needs proper maintenance from government. Breathtaking view of the chains of mountains from top is unforgettable.  You could see Nandi Hills and Skandagiri Hill from top.  Night trekking can also be done, but it needs proper planning and arrangement. Overall this place is one of the best one day trekking destinations for Bangalorians.




IMG_9622I and my friends (Pramod, Naveen, Achyut) left Hebbal Fly over at 9pm in the morning, reached Makali Durga in Naveen’s Innovae car.  Innova car took all the responsibility of making sure that our journey was comfortable.  Thanks to Innova!  My frined Achyut was a professional trekker.  Except Achyut, for all of us, it is our first time visit to Makali Durga.  With Achyut professional guidelines we started to climb the hill.  At first, we felt hard to climb due to rocks and shrubs. But after adjusting to the surroundings climbing was very easy and we took many pit stops while climbing.  Based on Achyut guidelines we took plenty of water with us.  During our trekking we were making sure that we were not dehydrated.   At half way through our climbing, we met other group from ‘Suvarna TV’, who had come for trekking.  After meeting, all of us went together.  The sight from high altitude was awesome.  After reaching top and having the glimpse of the Tippu’s fort, we finished our lunch.  Our descending journey was equally difficult like the climbing; searching route was very difficult while descending.  At last we came down and all through the day our lens was making noise and took some beautiful photos.  Finally Innova took the job of returning us safely to home.  Thanks to Naveen and his Innova.  A one day trek was completed in its high fashion.





How to go:

Makali Durga is well connected by road.  The state highway to Gauribidanur from Bangalore will pass through Makali Durga.

By Road: Hebbal Flyover- Yelahanka- Rajankunte- Doddaballapur- Follow the Gauribidanur Raod until you get Makali Durga Railway Station. (There is no proper notice board beside the main road. It is advised to ask locals after Doddaballapur)

By Train: There is train which runs all day from Yeshwanthpur at 08:15am and stops at Makali Durga Railways Station.  Return train is at 02:00pm at Makali Durga Railway Station.  Except this train no other train stops at this railway station.


No hotels, no shops nothing.  Pack your food.  Take plenty of water.

When to go:

It is difficult to climb during monsoon season.  Summer season is the best.

Some of our photos…

Viswa Keerthy S

Place 2:Ramanagara

On the way to Mysore through SH 17, you get small town called Ramangara which is 50km away from Bangalore.  The town is famous for silk and it is called as ‘Silk Town’ and it also has Asia’s second largest cocoon market.  Apart from all these, this town is also famous for tourist spots and heaven for trekkers.  The town Ramangara is surrounded by seven hills, Shivaramagiri, Yetirajagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revanasiddeswara betta, Jala siddeswara betta and Sidilakallu betta.  Of which two of the famous hill was Revanasiddeswara betta and Ramdevru betta.

Revenasiddeswara Betta

It’s a hill located at the scenic location of Ramanagara.  The height of the hill is around 3066ft above sea level.  View from top the hill is beautiful.  There are totally 3 temples on the hill, Renukamba temple at base, Bemeshwari Temple at midway and Reveanasiddeswara temple at the top.  On top you will also find Rama temple beside a small pond.  This place is rich in history, and history goes back to the period of Ramayana. Almost all age group people climb the hill to get the blessings of Shiva.   It’s a well known Shiva Temple in India.

Climbing the hill is not so difficult, as there is a proper arrangement from the government.  But the view from top of the hill is amazing.  You will really enjoy the view of many hills which surrounds Ramanagar.  If you are good at rock climbing, it can be done.  Overall it’s a nice place to go in bike for one day.

How to reach:

From Bangalore frequent KSRTC bus available to Ramangara.

The place is just 11km from Ramangara Bus stand.  You can get local bus which goes to kanakapura from Ramanagara, and get down at Averehalli.  From there you have to walk 2km to reach the hill.


No good hotel near the hill, but you can find hotels at Ramanagara Bus stand.

When to go:

Throughout the year.

Ramdevru Betta

This is another hill located before Ramangara Bus stand.  Its height is around 3000ft above sea level. It’s popularly called a “Sholey Betta” as an Hindi movie “Sholey” shot here.  As the name suggest, lord Rama temple present on top of the hill.  And also Parvathi temple nearby, and a Kalyana Mantapa built by Kempegowda.  Inside Rama temple there is an idol of Sri Ram, Lakshman, Sita, and Hanumanth in a single stone, which is the unique of this temple.  It’s popularly known as “Pattabhirama”.  Beside this temple there is pond called “Rama Thirta”.  Hisotry goes like this… temple priest said, this temple is nearly 1000 years old, and it was believed that lord Rama himself visited this place in his 14 year exile.  During this time there was a demon called “Kakasura” (kaka= crow) who was ruling this hill, and it was said that lord Rama killed kakasura here, and even today not even single crow fly near the hill! And the pond called Rama Thirta was also build by Rama, during their stay here.  And the deity of Sri Ram, Lakshamn, Sita and Haunman was believed that Sugriva installed here.

The hill is situated in the forest region.  There are nearly 350 steps to climb, to reach Rama Temple.  On the way you can find Anjaneya temple.  You can get the best view of surroundings while climbing the hill.   Beside the Rama temple, there is a way to go on top of the hill.  This route is little difficult to climb. But once you climb this, you can get a amazing view of Ramanagara town, and Mysore Bangalore high way, and other hills.  Beside the Ramdevru betta there is ‘Saptharushi hill’ i.e.  At different angle you will see small seven hills.  If you are good at rock climbing, its a good experience to climb this.  Including Hindi movie sholey, this hill was shot in one of the famous movie called “Passage to India”.

How to reach:

From Bangalore Frequent KSRTC bus available to Ramanagara.  From Ramanagara bus stand 5km, Auto Rickshaw available.

If you are going in bike, after you get welcome board to ‘Silky City Ramanagar’, take a right turn after you get Ramanagara Jail.  You will see a sign board of Ramdevra betta.


Hotels available at Ramanagara Bus Stand.

When to go:

Throughout the year.

Our Journey:

Suhas and I planned to visit these two places on October 21st Sunday.  I went to his home at 07:30am morning, It was drizzling outside, we delayed our departure for half an hour, and finally pulled his bike outside at 8am. Unfortunately bike did not start, self start was not working! Bike battery down, nothing much was happening with kick start.  Starting trouble!  After trying out for 15 minutes, we discovered that there was no petrol in bike!!  Taking my camera, tripod and our bags, we pushed bike to petrol bunk which was 1.5km from his home.  This was an exercising start for us.  After that, bike riding was smooth, we took NICE road from Magdi road, reached Mysore road, from there Ramanagara.  Nothing troubled us.  In one day we saw the places, took some good photos, videos, got to know many interesting fact about the places.  Over all it was worth spending one day for this place.

some of our photos..

Place 1: Savandurga Hill

     This is one of the most beautiful scenic location for Bangaloreans which is located just outskirts of Bangalore city.  Savandurga is a small village situated off Magdi-Ramanagara state high way.  The village has two hills namely karigudda (Black Hill) Biligudda (White Hill) and a temple.  Most interesting fact about the hill is, it is the largest monolithic in Asia.  The height of the hill is 1226m above sea level.  This hill is surrounded by Savandurga Reserve Forest with lots of flora and fauna. This makes the place very scenic.  Most of the people don’t call these hills by their actual name; instead they are celebrated as Savandurga hill.  The origin of the name date back to the 14th century.  It was called as Savandi.  Later Samantharaya ruled Magdi for several years, during those days it was called Samanthadurga.  But over centuries the name changed to Savandurga hill.  This hill is also called as “Mrutyu Kupa” means people were pulled to death here.  Even the name ‘Savandurga’ also resembles the same meaning in Kannada.  Kempegowda is another ruler who ruled Magdi in 17th Century.  He built the tower (Kempegowda Tower) on top of the hill.  The tower also houses Nandi.  This is the ultimate point of Savandurga hill.

      The hill is a paradise for trek beginners.  At some point while climbing the hill, rock climbing is thrilling.  A proper route marking can be found throughout the hill.  The scenic view of forest and Manchenbelle Reservoir while climbing the hill is beautiful.  And good place for shutterbugs.

     Manchenbelle Reservoir is a Dam constructed to Arkavathi River, which originates from Nandi Hills.  This reservoir can be seen on the way to Savandurga and can be visited. This is one of the good location for bird watching during morning time.

     Other nearby Places:

  • Manchenbelle Reservoir (10km from Savandurga hill.)
  • Magdi Ranganathswamy Temple (13km from Savandurga hill)
  • ISRO Telemetry Tracking System (can be seen on the way to Bangalore via Ramohalli)
  • Doddaladamara (Near Mysore Road)

How to Reach:

  • Savandurga is well connected by road; best way of transport is to go in bike or car.

a) Bangalore-Mysore Road- Doddaladamara- Ramohalli- Manchenbelle- Magdi                         Ramanagara Road- Savandurga.
b)Bangalore-Magdi Road- Hospet circle, Magdi Road- Magdi Ramanagara Road- Savandurga.

  • KSRTC shuttle service available from K.R. Market to Savandurga. Time: 6:30am departure from K.R.Market.


      No good hotels around Savandurga.  Fruit juice, tender coconut and water bottles can be available at the shop near savandurga hill.  Better to pack your food.

When to visit:

Throughout the year, preferably on weekend.  Travel in groups.

 I and kiran planed one day and covered Savandurga hill, Manchenbelle Reservoir, Ranganatha swamy temple in my Hero Honda bike.  Our overall distance was around 120km.  We manage to take a decent time lapse video of cloud moving from the top of hill.

here is our time lapse video…

some of our photos…