Place 7: Devarayana Durga and Namada Chilume

IMG_8671After my visit to Makali Durga in March, I had temporarily stopped visiting places due to other programs.  But one fine day when I received a call from Suhas (my frined), asking me to plan a weekend journey in bike, I instantly told him the place Deverayana Durga.  Devarayana Durga is a hill located at a distance of 65km from Bangalore and situated near Tumkur.  It has a fort, temples, mesmerizing nature and difficult trekking trails.

When we left Suhas home on Sunday it was already half passed seven in the morning.  We took Nice Road at Magadi Road junction reached NH4 which leads to Tumkur.  The sun was still hiding behind the cloud, with less temperature cold breeze and drizzling we felt like we are invited for a new day by nature.  With perfect climate, signal free National Highways and well maintained bike, all these were pushing digital speedometer to show the number 110!  I had an awesome riding experience that day.  After reaching Dabbaspete we took SH3 (State Highway3) and reached Udigere.  Following the KSTDC sign boards, we reached the base of Devarayana Durga.  From here one can start climbing the hill thorough steps or else bike can go up to a parking lot which is at haft way of the hill.  Before reaching parking lot we crossed 13 hair-pin-bends which are not so difficult compared to other hills.

From here we started to climb the hill through steps, which are neatly constructed.  This hill has two temples, Boga Narasimha temple which is at base and Yoga Narashimha temple on top of the hill.  The total height of the hill is around 3940ft above sea level.  History says, this hill was called as Jadaka Durga (Jadaka is a ruler of this region), later when Mysore King Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar conquered this region, the name of the hill was changed to Devarayana Durga.  This hill is also called as ‘Karigiri’, that is kari means Elephant and giri means hill.  When you see this hill from far you can see the hill in the shape of Elephant.  The fort which was constructed here was a very huge fort and has seven doors to enter.  Today you can see the remaining of this fort.  The hill also houses the river Jayamangala’s and river Shimsha’s origin.  After having the glimpse of fort, we


IMG_8469entered through one door, half way through the temple we met with a deity of Garuda, Rama and Anjaneya.  This deity was very huge in its size and an open temple too, which means no garbhagudi.  It is unique in its construction because all three of them are seen on a single stone.  You can have a splendid view of surroundings from this point.  After this we reached stone mantapa, and then entered the Yoga Narasimha temple.  This temple is very beautifully constructed with a waranda outside and garbagudi dedicated to the deity of Narasimha an awathar of Lord Vishnu.  You can also find the deity of Ganesha and Lakshmi inside the temple.  Beside the temple there is another sacred place called ‘Pada Theertha”, where the water after abhishekha flows here.  This water finally reaches the sacred Kalyani near the temple formed between the rocks.

IMG_8513IMG_8508IMG_8496Mesmerizing nature, view of other mountains looks amazing at this point.  But the real journey is yet to come.  After the temple, there are no steps to climb the hill to reach the final point called as ‘Khumbi Shikhara’ (top of the hill).  You should trek to reach the top.  We went on searching for route and ended up in wrong direction in our first search.  Later finding the right direction, we started our trekking for next half of the journey.  The trekking path is moderately difficult, searching the correct path in a densely spread bushes was very difficult.  At some point you should crawl under the bushes to reach other point.  After having a 5min trekking from temple, you will reach another plain rocky surface which is directly above the temple.  This is a huge plain rocky area that you can see on this hill.  You can get amazing views from this point.




The climbing becomes very difficult (especially for beginners) from this point.  As I and Suhas have got little experience of trekking, we started climbing the hill up to the last point.  At one time I was unable to climb the hill by hanging my camera to neck.  Noticing the difficulty, I packed my camera and then started climbing.  With our good habit of climbing, without any trouble we reached top of the hill, which was called as “Kumbhi Shikhara” It has stone mantapa and a bell.  One who climbs the top should ring the bell, and the sound from the bell spreads all over the hill indicating somebody has reached top.  It was our first business to do after reaching the top and we did it.  We took photos of beautiful landscape, chains of mountains, and even the top view of Yoga Narasimha temple.





The view from tip of the point is breathtaking.  High breeze which hits on your face, surrounding view of mountains will make you forget your tiredness.  I feel that even though nature gives you a difficult path to climb, but once when you accomplish it, nature always displays its charming beauty, mesmerizing views in front of your eyes, which is an unforgettable vision for every nature lovers.  This is true at this place and even at all places.  After spending an hour on top, and listening to Bhavagethe (our routine practice at every hill), we started our descending journey.  During trekking, downwards journey is always difficult than upward journey.  But with our experience, we came down easily without having any problem.  At the base of the hill, you can get Fruit Juice, tender coconut and chaats.  We had light lunch by having chaats and juice and then moved on to our next place Namada Chilume.



Namada Chilume is a small place just 8km from Devarayana Durga towards Kyathsandra.  If you follow the KSTDC sign boards, it is not difficult to reach this place from the hill.  It is said the lord Rama and his team visited this place during their 14 years exile.  During their stay, Rama searched for water to apply tilaka on his forehead.  But he could not find water nearby, then he shot an arrow at the rock, arrow made small hole in the rock and water came down from the hole.  Rama used this water to apply tilaka on his forehead.  So the place got its name Namada Chilume (Spring of Tilaka).  Today you can see this spring of water here and it is been well protected from government.  Some region at this campus is fenced and visitors can see Deer in this protected area.  Just opposite to Namada Chilume, Karnataka Forest Department has a nursery of medicinal plants.  A nominal entrance fee is collected and this place can also be visited.  After having a nice walk in both the campus, and taking photos, chatting with other peoples, we left the place for our final destination of the day!


Our final destination was “Pavithra Hotel” Kyathsandra.  Kyathsandra is a place situated next to NH 4 before Tumkur.  It is famous for its Butter Tatte Idli’s (Plate Idli’s).  Like Bidadi Tatte Idli, Kyathsandra Tatte Idli is also very famous.  Coming to a places like this (a place with a special food) and not eating is literally a crime! (Sentence copied from Rohan who hosts “Strictly Street” TV Show in TravelXP HD channel, one of my favorite programs)  We both had Tatte Idli’s until we satisfy our stomach, and then started our Bangalore journey late in the evening.  Again the riding was wonderful; we followed the same route, and reached Bangalore in time.  After a long time of not having a trip, this trip was accomplished in its high fashion.  Before leaving Suhas home, I told him, hey our next destination is “Kailasa Parvatha” near Chintamani Road.  He smiled at me and said OK WE WILL GO!

Devarayana Durga and Namada Chilume are packed with historic stories, sacred temples, wonderful nature, hard trekking trails and what not!  In my opinion if a place includes all this, it is worth visiting these places by making our time in our busy schedule.  Do visit once.

How to go:
By Road: Bangalore- NH4- Dobbespete- Udigere- Devarayana Durga- Namada Chilume

Fruit Juices, Tender Coconut, Chat etc., are available at Devarayana Durga.
For hotels you should come to Kyathsandra.

When to go:
All through the year.

-Viswa Keerthy S (July 28, 2013)


Place 2:Ramanagara

On the way to Mysore through SH 17, you get small town called Ramangara which is 50km away from Bangalore.  The town is famous for silk and it is called as ‘Silk Town’ and it also has Asia’s second largest cocoon market.  Apart from all these, this town is also famous for tourist spots and heaven for trekkers.  The town Ramangara is surrounded by seven hills, Shivaramagiri, Yetirajagiri, Somagiri, Krishnagiri, Revanasiddeswara betta, Jala siddeswara betta and Sidilakallu betta.  Of which two of the famous hill was Revanasiddeswara betta and Ramdevru betta.

Revenasiddeswara Betta

It’s a hill located at the scenic location of Ramanagara.  The height of the hill is around 3066ft above sea level.  View from top the hill is beautiful.  There are totally 3 temples on the hill, Renukamba temple at base, Bemeshwari Temple at midway and Reveanasiddeswara temple at the top.  On top you will also find Rama temple beside a small pond.  This place is rich in history, and history goes back to the period of Ramayana. Almost all age group people climb the hill to get the blessings of Shiva.   It’s a well known Shiva Temple in India.

Climbing the hill is not so difficult, as there is a proper arrangement from the government.  But the view from top of the hill is amazing.  You will really enjoy the view of many hills which surrounds Ramanagar.  If you are good at rock climbing, it can be done.  Overall it’s a nice place to go in bike for one day.

How to reach:

From Bangalore frequent KSRTC bus available to Ramangara.

The place is just 11km from Ramangara Bus stand.  You can get local bus which goes to kanakapura from Ramanagara, and get down at Averehalli.  From there you have to walk 2km to reach the hill.


No good hotel near the hill, but you can find hotels at Ramanagara Bus stand.

When to go:

Throughout the year.

Ramdevru Betta

This is another hill located before Ramangara Bus stand.  Its height is around 3000ft above sea level. It’s popularly called a “Sholey Betta” as an Hindi movie “Sholey” shot here.  As the name suggest, lord Rama temple present on top of the hill.  And also Parvathi temple nearby, and a Kalyana Mantapa built by Kempegowda.  Inside Rama temple there is an idol of Sri Ram, Lakshman, Sita, and Hanumanth in a single stone, which is the unique of this temple.  It’s popularly known as “Pattabhirama”.  Beside this temple there is pond called “Rama Thirta”.  Hisotry goes like this… temple priest said, this temple is nearly 1000 years old, and it was believed that lord Rama himself visited this place in his 14 year exile.  During this time there was a demon called “Kakasura” (kaka= crow) who was ruling this hill, and it was said that lord Rama killed kakasura here, and even today not even single crow fly near the hill! And the pond called Rama Thirta was also build by Rama, during their stay here.  And the deity of Sri Ram, Lakshamn, Sita and Haunman was believed that Sugriva installed here.

The hill is situated in the forest region.  There are nearly 350 steps to climb, to reach Rama Temple.  On the way you can find Anjaneya temple.  You can get the best view of surroundings while climbing the hill.   Beside the Rama temple, there is a way to go on top of the hill.  This route is little difficult to climb. But once you climb this, you can get a amazing view of Ramanagara town, and Mysore Bangalore high way, and other hills.  Beside the Ramdevru betta there is ‘Saptharushi hill’ i.e.  At different angle you will see small seven hills.  If you are good at rock climbing, its a good experience to climb this.  Including Hindi movie sholey, this hill was shot in one of the famous movie called “Passage to India”.

How to reach:

From Bangalore Frequent KSRTC bus available to Ramanagara.  From Ramanagara bus stand 5km, Auto Rickshaw available.

If you are going in bike, after you get welcome board to ‘Silky City Ramanagar’, take a right turn after you get Ramanagara Jail.  You will see a sign board of Ramdevra betta.


Hotels available at Ramanagara Bus Stand.

When to go:

Throughout the year.

Our Journey:

Suhas and I planned to visit these two places on October 21st Sunday.  I went to his home at 07:30am morning, It was drizzling outside, we delayed our departure for half an hour, and finally pulled his bike outside at 8am. Unfortunately bike did not start, self start was not working! Bike battery down, nothing much was happening with kick start.  Starting trouble!  After trying out for 15 minutes, we discovered that there was no petrol in bike!!  Taking my camera, tripod and our bags, we pushed bike to petrol bunk which was 1.5km from his home.  This was an exercising start for us.  After that, bike riding was smooth, we took NICE road from Magdi road, reached Mysore road, from there Ramanagara.  Nothing troubled us.  In one day we saw the places, took some good photos, videos, got to know many interesting fact about the places.  Over all it was worth spending one day for this place.

some of our photos..