My Quotes

Science is a way of life for humans to unlearn the unnatural dogma of nature.

There is no one who can transcend you, not even God. Because ‘he’ and you are one and the same.

If a company (institution) is unorganized, unprofessional and unethical then I would like to be an irresponsible employee.

No man/women ever fails in anything, he/she will only be slow in reaching the destination.

Discover who you are and be like what you are and do what you think to do.  That’s your strength to face the world.

The truth is that none of them understand anything, everyone have their own perspectives.

Science can progress, only if it finds the deviation to the most accepted theories of nature.

Physics should always be written in mathematics, not in English.

Great things never created, they just happens.

When I want to take decision, I just talk to myself first.

Do not teach students how to answer a question, teach them how to frame a question.

There are only two languages in the world.  One is the language that we speak, another is the language called mathematics.

A leader is one who works not for salary but for building another leader.

If you can’t express anything with words, use mathematics.

Most of the time I know answers but I don’t know its questions.

We all are astronauts doing experiments inside a space ship called Earth.

When you are reading this, nearly 65 billions of neutrinos pass through every square inch of your body in a second.  Did you realize it?


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