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cropped-for-e-mail-blog-logo1.pngವಿಸ್ಮಯದ ಪಯಣ…” (‘Wonder’ful Journey) is a blog of Viswa Keerthy S.

I am very much passionate about science, astronomy, photography, literature, travel and would love to write. All scribbled words, sentences, poems, paragraphs are genuinely written by me and copyright information are put for the photos and other stuffs taken from other websites.

Blog Title Meaning:
ವಿಸ್ಮಯದ ಪಯಣ…” (Vismayada Payana…) means Journey in our ‘wonder’ful world. Whether you are a scientist, poet, engineer, doctor, lawyer by proffession or a common man; whoever you are nature always wonders each of them in its own form.  Ultimately all of us are having our journey of life in this ‘wonder’ful world, I mean the Nature.  There is no substitute for nature’s wonder!  This blog reflects my journey in this ‘wonder’ful world.

Contact me through email: viswakeerthy@gmail.com
Below Photo: Me @ Kavimane (Kuvempu’s House), Kuppalli, Thirthalli, Shivmogga.

IMG_0043 copy


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