Place 6:Shivanasamudra

ShivanasamudraShivanasamudra is Small Island created by river Cavery at Mandya district.  It is located at a distance of 120km from Bangalore and 85km from Mysore.  The river Caveri which flows here bisects the village and creates twin waterfalls known as Gaganachukki and Bharachukki.  Both the waterfalls are separated by a distance of six kilometers.  The beauty of these falls during the monsoon season is unexplainable.  The sight of water falling from a height of 98m is incredible.  The place also houses old temple such as Ranganatha Temple which has rich history in it, and visited by many people.  The River Shimsa which originates at Devarayanadurga joins Cavery at this place.  Asia’s first hydro electric power station was constructed here.  It was called “Shimsa Hydro Eclectric Power Station”.  Public access for this power station was stopped long back.

Gaganachukki can be viewed from two spots, one is from Shivanasamudra and the other is from Darga (Hazarath Mardane Gaib) point.  Best view is from Shivanasamudra place.  Even Darga spot is also good.  All my photos of Gaganachukki were taken from Darga spot. Bharachukki is just 2km from Darga.  Monsoon season is the best season to enjoy the beauty of twin falls.  Nevertheless people come all through the year to see and enjoy the beauty of falls.  If you are visiting Mysore, Shivanasamudra is a must visit place for you.  I don’t have many words to admire the beauty of falls; instead I can show you these pics.

All photos are taken on August 05, 2013.

Gaganachukki Falls


Caveri River

Gaganachukki Falls

Gaganachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls

How to go:
By Road:

Shivanasamudra is well connected by road.
From Bangalore: Bangalore- Maddur- Malavalli Road- Shivanasamudra.
From Mysore:Mysore- Maddur- Malavalli Road- Shivanasamudra.
You can also go in alternative roads.
By Train:
Nearest railway station is Maddur.  Frequent trains are available from Mysore as well as from Bangalore.

Good hotels can be found at Malvalli and Maddur.
Juice, chats, ice creams, tender coconut etc., can be found near the falls.

When to go:
Throughout the year.
Monsoon season is the best season to visit this place

-Viswa Keerthy S


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