Total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 from my terrace!!

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After a long gap of eclipses in India, the Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15 came like a boon from sky for amateur astronomers. As the visibility was in India and even from Bangalore, everybody were excited about that. Its boon for me too as I had a DSLR camera, which I did not for last eclipse!!

This time, I was caught in hectic scheduled of our academics- II sem internals. People (our teachers) don’t understand, how hard to study for internals during these kinds of events.. especially amateurs. Well, some how I manage to write my internals decently, and went on making a preparation for eclipse. My aim was to take a series of eclipse photo and to make collage. So, I kept an eye on our BAS group mails where, people were pouring in lots of ideas and camera settings to capture the eclipse in a decent manner. Everything went on nicely, I could able to get some ideas from my friends. And even got a news that, BAS will organize a public event to watch eclipse in Jayanagar National College, Bangalore. Unfortunately I was unable to participate in that event for some personal reason, instead stayed in home. Before coming to home I almost informed all my friends about the eclipse and to see that. But the painful story is, 90% of the Bangalore sky was covered with cloud. Felt very bad x-(. Weather report in internet said, it will continue up to morning…. I still had a hope that, it may clear during totality time. When the actual eclipse started we could see Moon faintly through cloud. Before clicking the photo it was hiding behind the cloud. I desperately waited…. all my friends were sharing their sky condition through online and messages. My sister Shalini, who is doing her MBBS in KMC, Mangalore messaged me saying that, she has clear sky in Mangalore. She was very lucky… and I hope, she really enjoyed her first lunar eclipse experience…. (still waiting for her reply). But me with my blanket rugged around, waited all through the night with my brother Theja and friend Hanumantha to have a glimpse of eclipse. But nature did not gave us a chance to see the beauty of Nature itself!! And almost all my friends had the same experience. Suddenly I remembered our expensive experience of TSE 2009. Compare to that, this is not big thing to worry at all!! We packed our equipment at 2:30am. Din’t get sleep, went on tweeting all through the night….. Well, what can I say to myself “Better luck next time”.

Hope my stister shallu will share a her experience here…..


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